Registration instructions

Please read this before you register for a course!

All courses require registration. You have to register in advance for all courses on the Internet, by phone or on location at Lahden aikuiskoulutuskeskus (adult education centre), Kirkkokatu 16. Registration for courses starts in the middle of August and you can register for the spring semester courses in the beginning of January.

Prepare to give us your personal details
Please look up the course code and prepare to give us the following personal information: name, personal identification number, address, phone number, possible e-mail address, educational background (elementary level/secondary level/higher education) and profession (working/unemployed/student/pensioner/other). Please note a different billing address if the payer is not the person attending the course (in case of children, information about parent or carer is required).

Please take note which courses you have registered for and when and where they take place because classes begin without further notice.

If a course is full, you can sign up for a backup position. We will inform you personally if a place opens up for you. The backup positions are valid during the semester in question.

Registration is binding!

Wellamo-opisto courses mainly include a fee. As you register, you agree to pay the course fee. Billing may take place already before the beginning of the course or after the first classes. If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact the office immediately after receiving the bill.

A 50 % discount for the unemployed.

In Lahti unemployment has to be proven at the office before the course starts. Print out a certificate from the Labour office website and send it to Wellamo-opisto office by e-mail or show it at the office before the second class. In other municipalities send the certificate to the office or show it to the teacher during the first class.

Registration can be cancelled at the latest a week (8 days) before the course starts. Courses that are not cancelled in time will still be charged! Cancellations can be made to the office by phone, e-mail or at the address: You cannot cancel your registration by contacting the teacher.

If you cancel your participation in a course later but before the second class, we will charge a fee of 10€. If you cancel after the second class, we will charge the whole course fee.

There are THREE ways to register
1. Internet at the address: Registration online is open night and day from the middle of August. You find specific registration dates at the Wellamo-opisto homepage ( Remember to refresh the page before you begin your registration. Please note that you register for the spring semester courses in the beginning of January.

2. By telephone, (03) 814 4799 on the first day (week) of registration, later to the office numbers

3. On location at Aikuiskoulutuskeskus, Kirkkokatu 16

You find the specific registration dates and instructions on page 3 of the brochure or at Wellamo-opisto homepage.

Useful information
If the minimum of 10 participants is not reached a week before course start, the course is cancelled and you will receive information about cancellation.