Wellamo Community College

Wellamo Community College was founded in January 2007.

Community college provides liberal adult education,
which is open for everyone and based on one’s own initiative.

College trains persons going through different phases of life.

A community college owned by the City of Lahti. Catchment area covers Asikkala, Hollola, Hämeenkoski, Kärkölä, Myrskylä, Nastola, Orimattila and Padasjoki in addition to Lahti.

There are some 200 000 potential customers in the area.

One office in Lahti (the adress is Kirkkokatu 16) Operations in over 100 locations.

College mission: Wellamo Community College provides training opportunities as prescribed in the law on liberal adult education. The college observes the principles of life-long learning and supports students’ individual personal development as well as their ability to work in teams.

College training task: Based on the needs of the citizens of its catchment area Wellamo Community College provides general education, which offers an opportunity for self-development as well as a chance to pursue interest-oriented studies in a variety of subjects in the various phases of life. College provides training in art and craft subjects, languages, physical exercise, information technology and social subjects. Wellamo Community College also offers Open University courses as well as basic art studies. Study program also includes National Certificates of Language Proficiency.

We aim at being a community college for people of all ages.