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Wellamo Community College

Wellamo Community College was founded in January 2007 and is owned by the City of Lahti. In addition to Lahti the catchment area covers Asikkala, Hollola, Kärkölä, Myrskylä, Orimattila and Padasjoki.

The office is in Lahti, in Terijoenkatu 2, but there are classes in over 100 different locations about the area.

Based on the needs of the citizens of its catchment area Wellamo Community College provides liberal adult education, which offers an opportunity for self-development as well as a chance to pursue interest-oriented studies in a variety of subjects in the various phases of life. There are classes in art and craft subjects, languages, physical education, information technology, social subjects etc.

Registration instructions

All courses require registration.

Registration for courses starts in the middle of August.

  • 1. By Internet

    at the address www.opistopalvelut.fi/wellamo-opisto

    2. By Telephone 0440 187 459 or 0440 187 456

    3. Registration and instructions at Wellamo-opisto office, Terijoenkatu 2, 15140 LAHTI

  • Please look up the course code and prepare to give us the following personal information:

    • name
    • personal identification number (suomalainen henkilötunnus)
    • address
    • phone number
    • possible e-mail address
    • educational background (elementary level/secondary level/higher education)
    • profession (working/unemployed/student/pensioner/other).

    Please note a different billing address if the payer is not the person attending the course (in case of children, information about parent or carer is required).

    Please take note which courses you have registered for and when and where they take place because classes begin without further notice.

    If a course is full, you can sign up for a backup position. We will inform you personally if a place opens up for you. The backup positions are valid during the semester in question.

  • Wellamo-opisto courses mainly include a fee. As you register, you agree to pay the course fee. Billing may take place already before the beginning of the course or after the first classes. If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact the office immediately after receiving the bill.

    Useful information
    If the minimum of 8 participants is not reached a week before course start, the course is cancelled and you will receive information about cancellation.

  • In Lahti unemployment has to be proven at the office before the course starts. Print out a certificate from the Labour office website (codes 02, 03 and 07 are accepted for the discount) and send it to Wellamo-opisto office by e-mail or show it at the office before the second class. In other municipalities send the certificate to the office or show it to the teacher during the first class.

  • Courses that are not cancelled in time will still be charged! Cancellations can be made to the office by phone, e-mail or at the address: www.opistopalvelut.fi/wellamo-opisto. You cannot cancel your registration by contacting the teacher.

    If you cancel your participation in a course later but before the second class, we will charge a fee of 10€. If you cancel after the second class, we will charge the whole course fee.

Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions. Check If you can find the answer to your question here. If not, please contact Wellamo-opisto office.

  • Teaching language is usually Finnish, but for some Finnish language courses English is also used. You can check the language by contacting the office.

  • Teaching language varies in different courses. Basic Finnish 1 teaching language is English.

    Finnish language courses: Textbook is not included in the course fee. There are no summer courses in Finnish language.

    Browser Finnish language courses

  • Autumn term lasts from the end of August to the beginning of December and spring term from January to April. There is a fall break of one week at the end of October and a spring break at the end of February. Some courses last from the beginning of the autumn term till the end of the spring term.

  • Course certificate can be ordered from the office.

Taika Design and Art School

Taika Design and Art School is a school of visual arts for children and young people. Taika is a part of the Wellamo Community College and the Department of Education and Culture in the City of Lahti. Teaching is organized in such a way that it complies with the Act on Basic Education in the Arts and with the basics of the Broad Curriculum prepared by the Finnish National Board of Education. About 290 students living in the Päijät-Häme region are studying at Taika – children and young people aged 5 – 20 years interested in visual expression and design.

  • Teaching is target-oriented and progressive from stage to stage. Teaching starts from early childhood education (children aged 5 – 6 years), from where the students move on to basic studies (children aged 7 – 11 years). During the three last year of basic studies (children aged 11 -13 years) advanced workshop studies, the students study in periodical work shops, after which they continue on to advanced work shop studies (young people aged 14 – 20).

  • Taika functions on the principle of chargeable services. The tuition fee is 210/210€ for students living in Lahti, and 250/250€ for people outside Lahti.

  • Students must create a thesis if they want a certificate of graduation in the broad curriculum of fine arts, advanced studies. The student must be at least 16 years old, and must have studied visual arts or design related to the subject of their thesis for 2 – 3 school years.

    The studies required for the broad curriculum are 1300h (basic studies 800h and advanced workshop studies), and they start from basic studies, that is from the phase when the student moves from group 0 to group 1. Early childhood education serves as an orientation to basic studies.

    The goal of the teaching is to familiarize the students with the concepts, techniques and materials in the field of visual arts and design, and to give them the chance to improve their knowledge and skills. The student’s own experientiality and form of expression serve as a starting point, supported by the contents and goals of the teaching. The language of instruction at Taika is Finnish.